I noticed some of your items are marked as Limited Releases - What does that mean?

Sharp eye you got there. It means that there was only a limited amount of fabric available for purchase, and that we will not be able to make more than what we currently have stocked. The rad thing about limited releases is that you are extremely unlikely to see any other ladies out there stealing you style. Plus, the fabric was almost certainly bought at a Mill-End store which means that they are fairly eco-friendly compared to a lot of other garments.


It depends! Orders generally ship within a couple of days after being placed U.S. orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, and can take 3 to 7 business days for delivery. International orders ship via first class USPS and can take 2-3 weeks on average. Keep in mind that is an average. Depending on where you live, what time of the year it is, and how lucky we are it has been known to take closer to 6 weeks.

What if my package gets damaged/ lost?

Don't worry, babe! We insure everything that we ship. After checking with neighbors, roommates, and family to make sure it hasn't gotten misplaced, feel free to drop us a line. To make a claim for lost parcels, we have to wait 21 days for domestic and 45 days for International locations. Meanwhile, lost claims for shipments sent to Italy require a 60 day wait before filing. However we have to file the claim no later then 90 days after the ship date. So make sure to let us know within that window!

Claims for damaged or missing items can be filed immediately. Again, those claims must be filed no later than 90 days from the shipment date.

Can you mark my international shipment as a gift?

Unfortunately, no. It is a crime that has extremely harsh penalties. As much as we like to be rebels that isn't the place to do it!

Do you offer returns and exchanges?

Indeed we do. Feel free to check out the details here.

Can you combine shipping with clothes bought from your Etsy shop?

You betcha! Just contact us ahead of time, and let us know what you will be buying. We'll give you a discount on shipping via a partial refund on Etsy. 

Will you make me this in a different color or special size?

If we have fabric, we would love to! To learn more about custom orders check out this page.

I love your clothes, but can't afford them. Can you offer me a discount?

We wish we could! But that wouldn't be fair to all of our awesome customers who bought it as full price. Your best best is to follow us on all of our social media and watch for sales there!

I am a blogger/ tumblr/ instagram phenomenon. Would you be interested in trading promotion for free clothes?

Occasionally yes. I am a small venture and my costs are much higher than all the big companies that like to produce overseas, so I don't do it often. It certainly never hurts to ask though!

Will you be a contestant on Project Runway?