Behind the 3-D printed bone necklaces

by Anna Marie Cooper June 01, 2015

I have always loved jewelry with bones in them, but I never wanted to sell them because I'm vegetarian. Obviously profiting off of the death of animals just to sell something that I thought was pretty was a definite no-no. Despite that I had managed to make a few necklaces for my own use that were made with bones that I had picked up while wandering through brambles and thickets in Western Pennsylvania. It was the most responsible method I could imagine that allowed me to collect and wear anything animal related. I got millions of compliments on my vertebrae necklace and my other pelvis pendant, but I always refused to sell them. 

Then 3-D printing came along. I've been wanting to work with that technology for years, and I finally forced myself to sit down and learn more about it. My first goal was of course to copy and print the bones that I had been wearing for so long. It's taken a long time to accurately photograph, size and shape them but the first few pieces are now hitting the shop! I'm in love with them, and plan to make more variations, experiment with dying them and adding more to them. As of now I adore their simple minimalism. They are attached to sterling silver chains and sealed to prevent them from getting grubby. I wear them daily now, and the fool everyone. 


A double pelvis fused together in the middle to make a big statement piece. 

A 3-D printed legbone next to the original. When you look closely (below) you can see the texture left by the 3-D printer. 

Simple pelvis pendant

All are now available in the shop! Click on the pictures to buy!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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