The salt ponds of San Fransisco

by Anna Marie Cooper October 07, 2014

Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, and wishing I had snatched a glimpse of these jewels while flying home. They were taken by Julianna Kost and show the natural colors that develop in the salt ponds of San Fransisco. As the water increases in salinity, various micro organisms will take up residence and the water will turn from it's natural green-blue to deep blood reds. It sounds lovely and definitely best viewed from a plane. It's quite possible I will get the chance again because while LA was definitely the sprawling filthy metropolis I pictured, the trip was productive and full of wonderful people. Stay tuned for notes on the textile show, and the fashion district itself. Until then, look at pretty things: 

Images via Julieanne Kost

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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