Holly Mueller Home

by Anna Marie Cooper September 18, 2014

One of the most fantastic things about Etsy is how it can bring people together. A few months ago I was approached via the Etsy convo system about making a men's button up shirt. It is something I have experimented with a lot in the past, so I responded with an affirmative. With that Joe and Holly, two of the loveliest people I have met waltzed into my life and took up residence. I was especially delighted to meet Holly who is one of those enviously multi-talented people that you occasionally are lucky enough to meet. She runs her own business called Holly Mueller Home, and her house is filled with her creations - giant macrame wall hangings, petite woven baskets, bright geometric weavings, embroidered and hand dyed pillows. Upon seeing it all for the first time, I immediately asked if I could feature her work and her studio space. Luckily she said yes, and I was gifted with the time to take a closer peek at all the lovely things she makes, and spend time visiting with her and her incredi-pup Captain. We chatted about everything from the perils of working at home to River Monsters. It's so strange to meet someone so intelligent, talented, and witty solely because of a chance Etsy converstation. I'm super grateful for it, and I hope to continue to watch her business prosper and grow. You can check out her work in town at the Joinery in SW Portland, and on her website here. Stop by and say hi!


Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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