Tiffany for Team Rogue

by Anna Marie Cooper September 15, 2014

I met Tiffany while shooting new lookbook pictures a few weeks ago, and asked her to team up with me to reshoot my product pictures. Obviously she's beautiful, but I really fell in love with her brains, cool vibes, rambunctious hair and her willingness to help me eat an entire package of cookies. I don't put a lot of stock in pretty faces, and it's always when a lady impresses me with her personality, humor and smarts that I really know I want to keep working with them. Also, I don't trust people who won't eat cookies with me. Tiffany is absolutely one of those people. I'm so grateful to have met her! One of these days I am sure that we will climb a tree together. We are definitely those kinds of ladies. More sneak peeks below!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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