Featured Shop: Warren Goods

by Anna Marie Cooper September 02, 2014

I fell in love with Warren Goods while vending at Urban Air Market earlier this summer. I essentially cornered the owner, Cory, and demanded that he participate in the upcoming lookbook shoot  I was planning. Luckily he was kind enough to overlook my invasive amounts of enthusiasm, and agreed to lend me some of his lovely vintage jewelry collection. Apparently being obnoxious can sometimes work! We all know stacking loads of turquoise jewelry is super popular right now, and his shop makes it so easy to do. He has an envious amount of rings, cuffs and draping necklaces that he finds at local estate sales so you know that it's real vintage. I want pretty much all of it. The best part was that he doesn't just stick to turquoise. He has lots of minimal silver pieces that I naturally want to hoard, plus bunches of other vintage pieces that feature natural elements other than turquoise. My favorite jewelry look from the shoot was when we grabbed a bunch of red coral pieces and threw them together with an all black outfit. It was so amazing! Pair that with wild hair, tomboy shoes, and cat eyeliner, and I will pretty much want to marry you. Here are a few snaps that I took during our frantic two hour photoshoot, but I look forward to many more, and to nabbing up even more of his pretty collection. Check out his stuff here!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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