Remembering July and the foxglove around Mt. Saint Helens

by Anna Marie Cooper August 28, 2014

My summers are generally filled with hikes, lazy days at rivers, camping excursions, and soaking up as much of the fleeting Oregon sun as possible.This summer hasn't panned out that way. Instead I've been working long hours and my weekends have been filled with fairs, meetings, photoshoots, and general chaos. I had one weekend to get away in July. It was after my first fair and I was sick from the stress. And I really was literally sick. My voice had degraded to the barest whisper, and what I could squeak out left me sounding like a teenage boy going through puberty. All I wanted to do was get away and I am so thankful I managed it. I needed not to talk so it was just me, my boyfriend, and a dog. Perfect. We headed up to Mt. Saint Helens and found ourselves a cozy little camground not far from a waterfall, and completely secluded from other people. We spent a few days eating marshmallows, sun bathing, and exploring. It was so picturesque I wanted to share a few pictures from the experience. Also, I wanted to relive it for a moment. Hopefully you will enjoy it too, and before you ask - yes that is me in the foxglove, and yes I wear leopard print sweaters while hiking. 

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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