Featured Shop: Loft 415

by Anna Marie Cooper August 18, 2014

Another point for American made fashion. Loft 415 is based in California,  and they have been on their sewing game for years now. They were suggested to me by a customer, and I was excited to see their simple, modern silhouettes. I was so surprised by their low prices, that I had to double check and make sure they were based domestically. I was happy to find they are. Plus they do everything themselves - the designing, pattern making, fabric selection, sewing, and finishing. Not a single process that goes into their clothing leaves their little Californian home office. Top that off with the fact that they also source American made whenever it's possible, and you've got a clothing line that you can definitely feel good supporting. Check them out whenever you need something simple, elegant, and comfy.

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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