Renegade Craft Fair - Portland Mini Edition

by Anna Marie Cooper August 13, 2014

Considering that this was a a mini version of the normal Renegade Market, they managed to gather an impressive array of really talented vendors. Our crew decided to venture out this time and take pictures of the wonderful wares. We didn't even make it half way through the market. There were so many other amazing sellers! It was seriously such a privilege to be in the mix with so many amazing makers and designers. We really hope that the Renegade crew makes an appearance again sometime in the future.

Jessica Huber made insanely gorgeous brass jewelry using a complex folding method that sounded incredibly complex to me. Mostly  I just stared and coveted. You'll notice a terrible fixation on jewelry throughout this post. Sorry about that. 

I was right next to the the sweethearts at Herbivore Botanicals and scored some of their really awesome moisturizer, hair serum, and coconut bath soak. They all smell so good, and my hair is so much happier now. It took us a half day before we realized that we recognized each other from Etsy. I was so happy to meet them!

Obviously I had to buy this card from Little Arrow Studio. A must have for all the important people in my life. 

Friendship salt with honey tones? Yes.

The folks at Caravan Pacific are genius for many reasons. Most recently for figuring out how to make these copper hair ties. So minimal and so eye catching.

The folks at Make it Good are rad. I was so happy to meet another local designer. Especially one that was so welcoming and knowledgeable. Also talented as hell. More on them later I'm sure.

Rad purses and clutches from the lovely designer at PrimeCut. I met a bunch of friends in her tent by happenstance. We were all drawn in by the simple colors and cool designs. 

Dea Dia. Give me everything. Please. 

I met the charming gent at Brace and Bit at Urban Air last weekend, and was so happy to see him again. So talented, and his bigger work is stunning!

Everything in Pigeon Toe forever. 

I don't smoke, but these classy roach clips from Studio ERG sort of make me wish I did. 

Oh yeah, we were there too. We loved hanging out with everyone, but no more market for us until the end of September. It's time to concentrate on new designs, and making everything in the shop bigger and better. I wish I had time to convey how excited we are!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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