Urban Air Market - Portland Edition

by Dinah Sheehan August 06, 2014

Market season is in full swing, and this is our first summer trying it out. As we move from the safety of the internet, where we don’t have to wear pants, it’s been a great new adventure connecting with customers and other designers in the analog world.

This past weekend was Urban Air Market, a design-oriented market geared toward high-quality, handmade goods. They’re from San Francisco, and this was their first year in Portland. The UAM staff was absolutely fantastic to work with, easily identified with cool t-shirts, and really engaged with their sellers, their customers, and all aspects of the market. Times like this, it really becomes apparent that quality and professionalism can coexist with fun and friendliness. Danielle and Andrea in particular were outstanding.

The market was held in between the Ross Island Bridge, a fixture here in Portland, and the Tilikum Crossing, a new bridge designed for mass transit, pedestrians, and bikes. The area perfectly represents the ways old and new traditions of trade collide, much like the recent trend of upscale outdoor markets themselves. Taking the age-old tradition of the outdoor market and merging it with high-quality, handmade, local design is a perfect venue for Rogue:Minx to get out and meet more adventurers.

The Rogue:Minx team – Anna Marie, the fearless designer; me, the Twitter creeper; and Mike, the sexy fitting room attendant – had a blast talking to folks of all ages who stopped in to check out our clothes. We sparked some good conversations with smart people. Almost everyone who came in asked where we were located, who made the clothes, and what some of the methods to our madness were. Many of them brought a keen design or sewing eye to it, checking out our stitching and construction. It was satisfying to see that we attracted a group that appreciates what we do in terms of local production and quality.

We connected with a lot of great designers, too. Summer from Layers Squared had fantastic designs. Her stuff is very much in the same spirit of flirtatious functionality. Anna Marie got an awesome gray tunic from her with rectangular details. Just looking at it made me want to sit on a deck somewhere with some lemonade and watch the world go by. Yes, all that from a shirt. It was that cool. Warren Goods was representing, too. Their vintage line features a ton of turquoise, which is one of our favorite trends happening right now. It’s such a beautiful stone, so Anna-Marie made sure to get one his more minimal pieces. We're hoping to pair up with them for a photoshoot later in the month. 

One of the most frequent questions we got was whether or not we have a brick-and-mortar shop yet. We don’t, because that is an endeavor that takes time, but nothing is out of the realm of possibility for us right now. This summer, though, we’re looking forward to the outdoor market scene. There’s something about it that just fits. Rogue:Minx is all about being out in the open, meeting like-minded people, and doing new things. 

In the spirit of that, we will be at Renegade Craft Fair next weekend, at SE 6th Ave and SE Salmon St. in Portland, Oregon. We will be there from noon - six, Saturday and Sunday, and we can’t wait to meet you.


Dinah Sheehan
Dinah Sheehan


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