Featured Shop: Dahl

by Anna Marie Cooper August 01, 2014

Dahl was started by Alison Dahl Kelly when she was trying to plan her wedding, and really couldn't find anything to suit her needs. I found her lurking around on Etsy, but then discovered that she is also a Project Runway veteran, and has been Featured seller on Etsy as well. That mean this is a lady who really knows what she is doing, and you can be pretty much guaranteed, a high quality piece. Bonus points for the fact that she gives you ton of color options and each dress is made by hand to fit your specific measurements. She should probably be charging more. Her shop is brimming with beautiful bohemian dresses, and while it focus on wedding gowns, some of the bridesmaids dresses would ultimately be great for the rest of our daily lives. I know that they would certainly be preferred over the $300 lime green monstrosity that I just donated to Goodwill. For the sake of all your bridesmaids, please take a peek

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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