Dust? Anybody? No?

by Anna Marie Cooper July 29, 2014

All jokes aside, this exploration of jewelry by Icelandic artist, Ágústa Sveinsdóttir caught my eye because of it's delicate minimalism. Upon further investigation, I learned that it was dust collected from abandoned Icelandic farms that was on display. Gathered up, sifted, and transformed into the temporary centerpieces of her lovely collection. She mixed the dust with a biodegradable adhesive which would allow the dust to slowly erode and return to it's original form leaving an intricate skeleton over time. I was really impressed with the thought that went into these pieces, and I think it is best to let the artist explain it since she does it so well.

"It is a reflection on material worth. A contemplation for the constant transformation of matter.  We always demand that everything should be flawless but in the end, everything is dust or in time becomes dust. Is it possible to make use of materials that have always been considered nothing more than useless dirt?

Dust is a material that is the ultimate result of disintegration. It is everywhere and ever-present, a substance of tiny particles of matter. It is a material mixture of both organic and inorganic origin constantly being generated. It is everything and yet metaphorically the embodiment of nothingness. It is a matter that is often overlooked, a matter that most consider nothing more than an unaesthetic inconvenience, a mundane matter that man constantly tries to get rid of but to no avail."

Incredible, right? As an adult, I've personally never been that impressed with diamonds and glitz, and I have found myself drawn to minerals, fossils, or agate instead. To me those are rarer and far more interesting than the excessively polished gems that saturate our society. 

Still reading? Congrats! I'm offering 50% off the next purchase to the first person who comments below and correctly guesses what I am referencing in the title. 


Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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