Featured Shop: SewMoe

by Anna Marie Cooper July 25, 2014

In my potentially insane desire to support US based designers I've discovered that a lot of the clothing shops I had favorited on Etsy where from Canada, Israel, Latvia, and pretty much everywhere other than the USA. I love these designers, and I favorited them because I trust their quality and ethics. Unfortunately, they aren't going to be particularly useful to me when I am specifically setting out to promote Made in America designers. My arsenal was not as well equipped as I had thought. Luckily one of my amazing customers stepped in with an extensive list of domestic sellers she likes. (Hi Stacey!) In that list I found SewMoe a North Carolina based designer that I had never come across before. I was impressed with her photography, and the she knows how to sew damn well from the looks of it. Her design ethos seems to be right on par with mine - make something that is pretty, interesting, and easy to wear. I can't argue with that. Most of her clothes tend to be based around wearable jerseys that are accented with lace or other trims to keep it from being boring. Mission accomplished. Check out more of her work here!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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