The Original Feather Bow-tie by Brackish

by Anna Marie Cooper July 23, 2014

Apparently, some mad genius figured out how to create a bow-tie out of feathers and make them look slick as hell. They use the colors in the feathers in a way that makes the ties look incredibly modern and polished. I love the ones that look dark and somewhat unremarkable, and rely on the slight iridescence of the feather to catch the eye. Super subtle. But it gets better! On top of their awesome design, these are all handmade in South Carolina using sustainable resources and feathers that are gathered without killing birds! You'll notice their designs are made from turkey, peacock, and other commonly farmed birds which means that their feathers are also easy to obtain. Most of their feathers are gathered when molted naturally and would otherwise considered waste by farmers. This kind of thoughtfulness is extremely hard to find in many designers today, and impossibly hard to find in the fast fashion industry. Definitely check out their work and more about their process here

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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