Convinced it was the end of times

by Anna Marie Cooper July 01, 2014

I am currently on a special journey to the Northern reaches of Minnesota for a week of reconnecting with a multitude of my loved ones. I am super excited and plan to spend most of this week camping, playing in lakes, stargazing, and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights. Yes, I'll still be working, but it is essentially as close to a vacation as I am going to get for the next year, so I plan to avoid sleep, maintain a constant sugar high of smores, and enjoy every single ounce of it that I can. This song from St. Vincent is the only thing going through my head at the moment, and will be my personal soundtrack for the week. 
It's jarring, dramatic and exceptionally lovely just like our lives, and just like all of her music. If you haven't heard of St. Vincent before go look her up immediately. She is an angel, and a genius. I've loved her for years, and knowing her music is a little like knowing me. My favorite album is still Strange Mercy, but her newest self titled album is certainly no let down. Find her. Love her. Share her.

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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