Featured Shop: How Very Dare

by Anna Marie Cooper June 27, 2014

Run by a trio of designers who used to work with Betsey Johnson, How Very Dare is bold collection of startling prints paired with very minimal silhouettes.The combination of simplicity and audaciousness combines into a collection of clothes that are super wearable. I discovered these ladies while perusing Etsy sometime ago, and I was happy to see that they are still at it. They are based out of Brooklyn, New York where every one of their items is cut and sewn in the city by them or other seamstresses. Their newest line Trash to Treasure is inspired by thrifting, and features telephones, bikes, rollerskates and a slew of other wonderful finds. I am always so impressed by designers who can gracefully manage multiple prints and colors. No matter how hard I try, I am always pulled toward neutral palettes and find most of my joy in textures rather than color. So while I may not wear or create anything this brave, I can't help but admire people who can.

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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