An introduction to the newest blog writer / co-conspirator Dinah Sheehan!

by Anna Marie Cooper June 18, 2014

My friend Dinah is probably the only person that I know that wears more black than I do. How can you not love a woman who goes hiking in ghost town graveyards, lava caves, and forests, while wearing black leggings, black combat boots, and black t-shirts? It's impossible. To top it off, she is probably one of the wittiest and smartest ladies I know. That is saying a lot. That's why I asked her to help out here at Rogue:Minx with a little blog writing. While I tend to specialize in art, fashion, and daydreaming, she is a pop culture queen. She can nerd out just about any movie, and is almost too well informed when it comes to classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-files. Her favorite characters are usually tough women - not damsels, and she recognizes the need for more positive female roles and relationships in media. In other words her knowledge is invaluable. Look for her first blog post tomorrow, and you will start to understand why I brought her on-board. It wasn't just our mutual love for whiskey, or because I wanted to take advantage of her Masters in English. I hope you grow to love her as much as I do.


Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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