Stop and rip apart the flowers

by Anna Marie Cooper June 09, 2014

You guys! This is amazing! And we all know any Monday could use a bit more amazing in it, so take a minute to appreciate and avoid all the e-mails you have to write. These fashion illustrations are from 22 year old Grace Ciao, who apparently started making them when a rose that was given to her started to wilt. She wanted to preserve its beauty, so she ripped it apart and used it in several fashion illustrations. They are gorgeous and almost trick the eye into thinking that they are watercolor rather than flower petals. The effect is stunning. Since then she has experimented with lots of  different types of flowers. From the lowly carnation to the exotic orchid, everything seems to turn out stunning. She has a website, but you might want to try following her on Instagram to see a wider array of her work. Now we just need a designer to produce these for us in real life! 


Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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