Featured Shop: Lykke Wulff

by Anna Marie Cooper June 06, 2014

The continued quest to support rad, American based designers continues with Lykke Wullf. Created by Jemma Swatek, it is a rich collection of ikat, velvet, wolves, and seeing eyes. All things you got to love. She started the line as an answer to her own closet. She wanted to create the kind of pieces she longed for but were either out of her price range or lacking in quality. Her desire to create accessible, long lasting pieces is really what drove the line forward along with her impeccable styling, and eye for high quality fabrics. Her use of simple lines, cut-outs, and prints are incredibly pretty and still super approachable. It's kind of hard to look at her dresses and not think about summer days, road trips, and wind blowing through your hair. Go check out more of her work here

emma Swatekemma Swatek

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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