Featured Shop: THREADBEAT

by Anna Marie Cooper May 29, 2014

It's surprising how few designers on Etsy are actually based domestically. You can spend hours combing through cheap Chinese manufacturers even when you toggle your searches to be focused on the United States. It's extremely frustrating especially since a lot of these sellers do the best they can to hide their location. Plus, since Etsy has traditionally been a handmade marketplace so most buyers are completely unaware of the problem. That's why we are making an effort to start highlighting as many U.S. based shops as we can. THREADBEAT is based in Savannah, Georgia and specialized in handmade vintage style dresses, woolen weekender bags, and other nostalgia inducing goods. The whole shop is full of dark imagery that makes me think of small southern kitchens, over grown backyards, and heavy humidity.


Rebecca's craftsmanship looks exceptional, and you can tell a lot of effort goes into all of her garments. Check out her shop THREADBEAT for more!

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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