Tough clothes for tough ladies

by Anna Marie Cooper May 19, 2014

The first selection of new items are up in the shop! It's really exciting to see all of the garments meshed together visually for the first time and have them work so well together despite the difference in styles. There is a lot of faux leather worked into this new line because faux leather is tops, obviously. There has been some interest from customers in the use of real leather in some designs, but it isn't something that we will ever be pursuing. Sad animals are sad after all, and these shirts (and skirts soon!) make you look just as badass as any real leather will. 

The nice thing about every single one of these designs is that they are still super comfortable despite the use of a difficult to wear, unbreathable fabric. Plus the use of sheer fabrics, open panels, and loose cuts means that they are actually quite airy, and will be equally comfortable in summer and winter. Because really, clothes ought to last you for longer than one season, right?

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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