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by Anna Marie Cooper May 14, 2014

Last spring, my friend and I went camping in Yosemite National Park. It was late spring, just before summer really took hold, and the solitude left me with a feeling of being the first person to see the place. I wasn’t, of course, not by a longshot, but that’s the kind of place it is. I like places like that. They inspire and recharge me, remind me of the scale in which I live my life – in which we all live our lives.

While there, we went on an accidental adventure. Looking back, I see how laughably foolish we were. The trail we wanted to try out was a 13-mile loop, and we didn’t get started until almost 2:00 p.m. I know! What were we doing? We really should have built up the fire, got out the blankets, and started passing around the whiskey. But in any case, there we were, starting a massive hike with only about five hours of daylight left.

The first thing we did was get lost. We had to retrace our steps and start over. Luckily, the canyon we were in was pretty narrow, so we couldn’t get too lost. The spring melt was in full swing, which created beautiful waterfalls – and washed out small paths and trails we needed to get from one place to another. We kept having to backtrack and loop around. We lost most of those hours of daylight to this winding scenic route that we had not intended on taking. The darker it got, the shorter our tempers got, and my friend didn’t take kindly to my insistence that we find the main road and stick to it. But, like any adventurers worth their salt, we made up as quickly as we’d started fighting, in the name of getting it done and going back to camp. We made it, despite losing our good flashlight and having to rely on a flaky back-up one.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I transition from Minxshop to Rogue Minx. It’s an adventure, one of my biggest ones yet. When I started Minxshop, I set out to work with local seamstresses and fabric suppliers. I wanted to create and sell clothes that meant something to people, that they could wear and look back at their pictures, and think about how great they looked while having so much fun.

I achieved that, and more. I met all of you. I met local designers and amazing seamstresses and models and photographers and all the people that make my clothes happen. I might be the minx, but you all are the shop. And then I got the itchy feet. I started asking myself, What’s next? What new trails are there? What haven’t I seen yet? What haven’t I done yet?

So, I went rogue. I looked at ways of expanding my little world, going on bigger adventures, and bringing more people into it. There are some amazing things happening in design right now. We are returning to the value of high-quality goods designed and produced locally – but shipped and enjoyed globally. Rogue Minx is my foray into that. With these changes, I will be able to work not only with other local artists and designers, but the people in my city who are working to help people like me. Small-scale industrial shops and workspaces allow me to piece out my patterns in higher quantities, and local production spaces allow me to get these pieces made into clothes without sacrificing my own standards of quality or the quality of life for someone else.

I also want to use Rogue Minx as inspiration. I want to inspire people to try something different, cross items off their bucket lists, and learn something new. With Minxshop, I was able to get my footing as an independent designer. I was able to try, change, and reinvent. I have learned so much along the way, and through this expansion and this new adventure, I want to take the time to tell you about it. I want to show you the things that inspire me, the places that spark my creativity, and the things I have learned along the way.

I’m here, and I’m putting together my next adventure. I’ve got my checklist of what I’ll need, I’ve got a better flashlight, and I know when I need to start. You’re coming with me, and I can’t wait.

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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