Love + Adventure

by Anna Marie Cooper May 28, 2014


I remember my favorite cardigan that I had in high school. It went everywhere with me - tree climbing, running, exploring, hiding. It had been ripped and mended and then ripped again. Every time I had to patch it back up I used whatever thread that was handy, so that eventually the insides of it were a garish patchwork of red, blue, teal, and magenta. It was my favorite thing in the world at the time; a source of comfort, and a reminder of all the life that I had lived in it. The good bits - adventures with friends, sunny days in parks, concerts, hiding away in art class for hours, but also the bad - fights with friends, zits, awkwardness and anxiety, heartbreak. 


As a clothing designer it was always my hope that customers would create the same sort of memories with my garments. Just with less emphasis on the zits and heartbreak. During the past few years my sign off with most of my customers was always  "Love + Adventure" because I sincerely hoped that they would experience both in spades. I hoped my clothing would be worthy enough to accompany them on years worth of memory making and adventuring. 

Since my first mending attempts on that poor, decrepit cardigan I have sewn miles of thread, and my clothes have gone on amazing journeys all over the world. My favorite moments have always been when someone e-mails me a picture of themselves wearing my clothes in an amazing place that I have never been. It's like a part of me got to go with you, and it always makes me feel so lucky and humbled to be a small part of your journey. I hope that my clothes will continue to collect memories with you, and survive right along with you through trips, falls, scrapes, and the general melee of life.

Anna Marie Cooper
Anna Marie Cooper


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